I like that Yahoo is trying to get back to relevance. They are a company that doesn’t feel as creepy as Schmidt and Page make Google feel. They have lost a lot of ground, in search, advertising and, well, almost every property they own.

One of the smartest things they have done is hire Marissa Mayer as CEO to turn things around. First victory in my opinion is the new Flickr App. Beautiful and fast UI. But Flickr was easy to solve. The product behind the app isn’t broken. A lot of core products are fundamentally behind what we expect from innovative or relevant technology companies. It will take a lot of work to get me or anyone away from Google search, no matter how creepy its leaders are. Meaning a lick of paint won’t patch the company.


“a feed of information that is ordered, the Web is ordered for you and is also on your mobile phone.”

How will they achieve this? How bad are current Yahoo properties?

@counternotions is a really smart guy. He analyzes one of the big Yahoo products: it’s financial section. What he finds is disturbingly bad and he has a great way of writing about it. Lessons to be learned. Have a read.


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