Last week I wrote down some ideas about the future I have in store for the websites I host (at the dutch variant of this website). As the goal for this website is to improve my writing and find a niche for myself, content was the primary focus. However, having a background in design I was not satisfied with the possibilities of Tumblr and couldn’t wait to change it any longer. It is a nice and reliable platform, but it is rather limited in possibilities. The biggest problem was with the text rendering. It just seemed a bit off and not as sharp as I have seen on other websites using an online font library like Typekit. The theme designs didn’t really fit my wishes and the Premium themes didn’t fit either. I tried a premium theme, but again the fonts didn’t seem as crisp as I wanted and I was unable to change the font type. Most themes had some possibilities regarding color, but usually not regarding the detail I wanted to change. Sometimes you just want to try things out instead of asking the theme’s developer the code for red and waiting for them to email you back. Tumblr seems like a platform where you choose a theme and just forget about the choice you made.

So I started looking for alternatives. I unfortunately don’t have the time to completely design and code my own website, so I tried out WordPress.com. They have quite a sophisticated blogging platform these days, a lot like Tumblr. They have a lot more options regarding managing the website, the themes have more options and the website can be both a blog and a more general website. I really like the platform so far. I have not yet figured out the final look and feel, but I like the fact that if I want to, I can change every aspect of the site, be it for a fee. Also they have great typography options hosted by Typekit, and if you want to change it, it is included in the paid ‘design’ package. The downside is the more limited choices of themes, especially if you compare it to the choices of WordPress.org, the self-hosted variant of WordPress. So I’m not sure yet wether WordPress hosted or self-hosted is the better option, but for now I’m just trying out the platform. Also the iOS apps are rather good and currently I’m switching back and forth between the official WordPress app and the Poster app, which is a beautifully design iOS WordPress app.

The design, pages and final hosting decisions are a work in progress. However, the content (my writing) will be save and it should pick up in frequency from today onwards.


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