I enjoy writing. As many writers say, it’s a beautiful way to organize your thoughts and improve your thinking and argumentation. I also enjoy the craftsmanship of writing. Being able to put down words to inspire and move, is a wonderful thing to aspire to. However, I don’t consider myself a writer, but I’m trying to achieve a skill level high enough to, without being a douche, say I have some skill in writing.

I have started down this path a few months ago by writing weekly (blog posts and student magazine articles) in Dutch and I’ve seen some personal progress in both writing and thinking. But I also want to become better at writing in English. So as of today (actually a few days ago) I will be taking writing in English serious as well. I love the English language and the possibilities that are ingrained within it. I hope you and I both enjoy the journey.

The first result of this journey will be up soon, an article meant for Marco Arment’s ‘The Magazine’. Unfortunately they decided that it wasn’t personal enough for their publication, with which I agree. But I’m still proud of the article.



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